SASGIOC Martha Mariam Samajam

Martha Mariam Samajam

Martha Mariam Samajam is the association of women in the Malankara Orthodox Church with Blessed Virgin Saint Mary as the patron Saint. ‘Martha’ is the feminine form of ‘Mar’ which means Saint in Syriac language. It is a vibrant association of the women and depends on the intercession of Holy and Ever Virgin Saint Mary, the Mother of our Lord. The motto of the Samajam is “Pray, ACt, and Shine.”

“Pray, ACt, and Shine.” - motto

The Primary Goal of MMVS is the spiritual nourishment of the women of our church through Prayer.Jesus taught us to pray, asked us to help the needy and called us to be the “light of the world”.

As Samajam members try to follow that in their daily life. Our church Martha Mariam Samajam is a very active groups in the Diocese. Several members attend the annual conferences and retreats, and our diocese for any matter. Their prayers, fasting and selfless dedication has been one of the greatest blessings to the parish. The Martha Mariam Samajam meets twice a month and more if guests visit the parish. In their gatherings, the Holy Bible is read, songs, and devotional message given, followed by any business matters and closing prayers.